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We’re the leading brand design consultancy pioneering a more agile approach to brand development.

Born back in 1967, we’ve been around the block and don’t beat around the bush. We get closer to real people in the real world – our clients, our specialist partners and much closer to consumers. Then we apply our strategic thinking and creative craft. It helps our clients build great brands.

We’re nudging about 100 experts across the world, including recently merged corporate specialist Lloyd Northover. Every one gives top advice in plain words.  Here are some of our management team, leading experts in their specialist fields.

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We have a breadth and depth of expertise across branding and design,
so we can help our clients develop their brands through their whole ‘journey’ from identifying opportunity through to ongoing brand management. Between the two, our clients naturally have priorities,
so often focus in one particular area, such as positioning, identity, product, packaging, retail environments or digital and social worlds.

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Agile Branding

We’re pioneering how brands can apply agile processes in brand and design development. This uses a unique mix of techniques we’ve created based on the principles of both the original agile software manifesto and agile marketing.

Using the ‘test-learn-commit’ model based on evolution theory in biology, it can lead to a higher success rate or lower risk for brand development. Furthermore, when compared to traditional approaches, it has the potential for up to 100% faster project turnaround and a 20% lower investment for what we believe is a fundamentally better approach.

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